Could your spiritual practice use an intentional shift and uplift?

Are you ready to learn beautiful, intentional, and ancient techniques that will blast open your manifesting powers and help you serve others at the highest levels?

Are you curious about the ancient practice of witchcraft, or, are you an experienced witch practitioner?

The world needs blessed, DIVINE, talented, and skilled WITCHES now more than ever!

Mystical and metaphysical seekers are all using ancient witchcraft whether they realize it or not! Light Magickal Ritual is integral to working with the Law of Attraction and all modern, spiritual, and non-religious practices.

Witchcraft is all about working in flow and harmony with Nature and Spirit. When you enhance your knowledge and practice of the ancient craft -- yet in modern ways -- you are able to tap into new levels of bliss, abundance, and joy!

Our ancestors developed the spiritual technology of the Craft over centuries of observing and engaging with nature and higher spiritual realms. Harnessing the energies that are encoded in the ancestral craft can exponentially increase your wealth of blessings.

Whether you're new and curious about Light Witchcraft or a deeply devoted and experienced witch, this workshop intends to unlock the mystery codes to your personal Magick!

Included in this program:


Two days of immersive classes plus meditations and live group ritual work to call in your blessed manifestation


Demystify the mysteries of the Craft by working with magickal instruments, spells, and the Wheel of the Year


Attune to Divine Intention, the One Will, and the Heart of Service as you learn Light Magickal skills

You are ready...

to tap into the power of nature, CELESTIAL REALMS, herbs and essences, spells and prayers, MOTHER GAIA, and sacred rituals

You are excited...

to learn specific TECHNIQUES so you can create your own rituals and spells to hold sacred communion with Spirit and Nature

You would love...

to MANIFEST wellbeing and abundance for yourself, as well as to bless and serve others with the art of your MAGICKAL CRAFT

This blessed workshop is happening at the time of the year when the veil is the thinnest, when we are more connected to Spirit than usual, and upon what is considered the witches’ high holiday - All Hallows Eve!

Class sessions will be held on October 30-31, 2021 at 10am PST / 1pm EST

Classes will run approximately 3 hours and will include immersive lecture, meditations, rituals, and Q&A

Everything will be held online via Zoom

Replays will be available in our student portal for one year from date of registration

Tricia Carr, C.Ht., B.Msc., is a teacher of nature and Spirit, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, animal telepath, voice artist and certified hypnotherapist. Tricia works internationally providing classes, one-on-one sessions, articles, and coaching programs. Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy, and is an ordained metaphysical minister.

Tricia is the co-founder of Lightshine Spiritual Academy. Crystal Anne Compton (LSA co-founder) and Tricia have been teaching programs together since 2016.

Tricia is the creator of the Charmed Life Podcast. The 300+ episodes of Charmed Life are published on YouTube and all podcast outlets. Tricia produces meditations and therapeutic hypnotic journeys in her professional recording studio in Los Angeles.

Stephanie has been an avid spiritual seeker and experiencer for well over a decade. As an Intuitive Wellness Coach and Teacher, she skillfully and compassionately uses her knowledge to help students and clients navigate their spiritual path and awaken their intuitive abilities.

In her professional practice, Stephanie connects with the energy field of her clients and downloads important intuitive information to illuminate the path forward, highlight necessary inner work, and give answers to important life questions. Because she works so closely with Gaia and the moon cycles, much of Stephanie’s guidance and healing is powered by sacred seasonal energy and powerful earth and nature rituals.

Click here to visit Stephanie's website.

This online workshop offers much more than potion recipes and recitations of spells. You will [re]discover a mystery that eludes many people in modern society: that the key to a purposeful and successful life is in your relationship with Mother Earth and Spirit!

You will receive deep dive lessons into the many ways you can engage in magickal craft. Additionally, this workshop comes with fantastic supplemental materials, such as PDFs and meditation audio downloads to reference as you continue your craft practice.

We will hold sacred ritual/spell-work practice together to summon personal abundance, personal wellbeing, and blessings to others (sympathy magick).

This workshop will be a powerful experience as the standalone, sacred practice that it shall be! AND, it will equip you to develop your own relationship with creation and Creator.

What happens after I register?

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for how you can access the program materials. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the confirmation email within 30 minutes of your registration. Save this email.

Am I at the right level of spiritual education/experience?

All levels are welcomed. We are attracting open-hearted seekers of metaphysics, mysticism, and non-dogmatic spirituality. There will be guided meditations. In order to receive optimal benefit, please be open and prepared to follow guidance.

Do I have to attend the whole session each day?

This is recommended, however replays are available for one year from your registration date. Some students prefer to take the workshop passively, at their own pace, rather than live. If this is your learning style, then you will benefit from the one-year access!

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Upon registration, we will email a list of suggested magickal materials to bring, such as crystals, herbs, etc. However, it is not necessary that you bring anything to participate!

Are there scholarships for this workshop?

Lightshine Spiritual Academy (LSA) awards scholarships for every educational program. The scholarship application will be announced in The Lightshine Lab some time the week prior to the workshop. Please keep your eye open in the Lab space if you are interested in a scholarship! If you register, you will not be eligible for a scholarship (or refund). Please do not email or direct message any LSA or Lightshine Lab representative to ask about scholarships. Doing so will render ineligibility for scholarship consideration.

Will I receive a certification as a practitioner?

No, however you have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion if you complete all lessons and pass the final quiz in the student portal. You will have from one year of your registration date to complete the course and download your certificate of completion.

Will there be a private Facebook group for this program?

No. All meetings will take place on Zoom. All necessary lessons and materials will be in your student portal. When you register, you will automatically be set up to access the student portal.

Is this about Wicca?

No. This workshop will cover non-religious, non-dogmatic practices based on ancient and modern spiritual art-forms.

Is this about "black" magic?

No. We uphold unity consciousness, the highest good for all, integrated light/white magick, service-to-others, and all Universal Laws pertaining to energetic reciprocity and Oneness. Only intentions of blessing will be welcomed to our sacred and loving circle. There will be absolutely no hexing, cursing, or wishing ill of anyone.

Are there refunds?

No, all sales are final. Remember you have the replays for one full year! 

  • Two immersive, attuning classes taught by Stephanie C. Weinman and Tricia Carr, C.Ht., B.Msc.
  • Three each of magical spells, rituals, and tinctures
  • PDFs charting the Wheel of the Year, magickal essences/herbs, crystals, and spell composition
  • Consciousness-raising meditative journeys guided by Tricia Carr, C.Ht., B.Msc.
  • One year access to content for one full year (from registration date)
  • A certificate of completion (see above FAQ for requirements)

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