Program Begins the week of January 25, 2022
Registration closes at 2:00 CST January 25!


Suitable For All Learning Levels; Serious Students Only


Do you have a sense that there is more to life than what you can see? Maybe you've had vivid spiritual dreams, experienced odd patterns, and synchronicities, or even had hunches or premonitions that ended up being accurate.  

You know there's more to this life, but at the same time you feel blocked or stuck, and like you don't even know where or how to start.

That's all about to change.  

You are invited to join spiritual teachers Crystal Anne Compton and Tricia Carr in this groundbreaking 8-Week Program designed to BLAST open your intuitive abilities and catapult you into a dynamic, connected, and PSYCHIC life. 

This course is like NOTHING else. I mean absolutely nothing! It has shifted my entire life beyond words. Along with that, the genuine love, support, and sacred space make for an absolutely safe environment to learn and grow in. If you've ever wondered how to become a reader or further your spiritual growth in any manner, THIS is the course for you."

- Tracy B., Intuitive Intensive Student


  • You are ready to fearlessly explore the vast world of Spirit and open your innate intuitive abilities
  • You want to learn more about dimensionality, vibration, manifestation, mediumship, animal communication, spirit guides and MORE
  • You want to rediscover and reopen long lost abilities that you used to enjoy as a child or adolescent
  • You are ready to be IMMERSED in high-level spiritual teaching that has the power to radically change your entire life
  • You are looking to be lovingly coached in a safe and sacred group environment that will allow your gifts to open and develop


Week One: The Fundamentals of A Spiritual Life

In the first week, students will learn exactly where and how they fit into the divine and dynamic world of Spirit.
In specific, expect to learn:

  • The Difference Between Light and Dark: How to open your psychic abilities and do psychic work in accordance with your divine purpose
  • How to Achieve Spiritual Connection: Learn the primary things every seeker should do to achieve spiritual connection and activate your spiritual gifts
  • The Power of Dominion: How to fearlessly occupy your divine nature and utilize dynamic prayer to connect deeply and evidentially to Spirit
  • How to Deal with Your Stuff: Learn effective techniques to identify and clear deep-rooted shadow issues that prohibit you from expanded consciousness and activated psychic abilities.
  • The Importance of Feeling: How to understand and embrace the divine empathic nature

Week Two: The Power of Frequency and Vibration

In the second week, students will take a deep dive into the power of energy and its impact on life and the universe. In specific, students will learn:

  • Interconnectedness: Discover the relationship between energy, frequency, vibration, and human emotions, as well as how to harness these to activate your intuitive abilities
  • Embodying the I Am: Connect and activate your higher self, your soul's purpose, and the immense reservoir of personal and spiritual power
  • Beliefs, Patterns, and Blocks: Learn what they are, why they matter, and how to shift them when needed
  • The Trinity Human: How to use conscious, the subconscious, and the power of emotion to intelligently manifest the abilities and conditions you most desire
  • Shift Your Vibration, Shift Your Life: How to intentionally modify your vibration in the body, mind, and spirit, to create new outcomes and opportunities

Week Three: Our Built-in Psychic System

The third week is all about psychic infrastructure! Students will learn:

  • The Miraculous Clairs: Explore and activate your innate (and entirely HUMAN) psychic building blocks, in specific, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and others
  • Soul Blueprints: Students will learn about the plans they made before this incarnation, the pre-birth experience, and all about soul groups
  • The Third Eye: Discover the power of the pineal gland, which acts as a literal interface between physical reality and the world of Spirit. Learn how to activate, strengthen, and utilize this gland to enhance your psychic abilities
  • Your Alive Psychic Field: Learn to perceive what is happening in your physical and energetic space, and how to expand your psychic awareness zone far beyond yourself and your normal spaces
  • How to Talk to Spirit: Discover how to create and expand your psychic vocabulary so you can understand when the world of Spirit is speaking to you, and also how to speak clearly to it/them

Week Four: Working with Our Divine Emissaries

This week is all about Archangels, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, inter-dimensionals, fourth-dimensional beings, and more! Students can expect to learn:

  • The Archangels: Who are these incredible beings, and how do we interact with them? Students will learn this and much more, and will be guided to work with these powerful personalities to enhance their life and connection
  • Dimensions, Densities, and Realms: Students will learn the difference between these etheric spaces and how to sense and navigate within each one
  • The Dimensions of Light: Receive the keys to our universal architecture through the study of the Dimensions of Light and the Rainbow Octaves
  • All About Spirit Guides: Spirit guides aren't just our friends in Spirit, they serve active and powerful roles in our lives if we let them. Learn about the different guides you have and precisely what they can do for you, once activated
  • The Earth and Nature Folk: Discover the fierce, protective, and divine group of emissaries assigned to guard and protect Gaia and its inhabitants. Learn how to invoke and work with them in your daily life

Week Five: The Magic of Divination

Divination is a practice that allows us to connect with Spirit and pull down inspired information about our lives, our past and present, and also the future. This week, students will learn:

  • Divination Modalities: Discover traditional and unusual methods to peer into and connect with the world of Spirit.
  • Divination Tools: Explore practical and fanciful spirit communication, and learn how to select the best tools based on your personality and energy
  • Trance -- the Bridge to Spirit: Learn why trance is so important to spiritual work, and how to induce different brain states to connect with different energies and entities
  • Unwanted Visitors -- Types and Methods to Clear: Students will learn about some of the potential beings they might encounter when working with divination, and how to easily sense and confidently clear unwanted attachments and energies

Week Six: Channeling; What it is & How to Do it

In the sixth week, students will learn all about channeling: What it is, why it is useful, and how to do it. In specific, they will learn:

  • Primary Channeling Methods: Discover three surprisingly effective ways to connect to the world of Spirit via channeling
  • The Fundamentals of Telepathy: How to work with the inner voice to send and receive spiritual messages
  • Channeling for Animals: Explore the wonderful world of animal communication and learn how to give an animal communication reading
  • All About Automatic Writing: Learn how to do automatic writing, and also how to use this ancient practice to enhance your spiritual connection and improve your life

Week Seven: Dreamwork, Lucid Dreams, Out of Body Experiences

We receive more psychic and spiritual information at night while sleeping than at any other time of day. In week seven, students can expect to learn:

  • How to Activate the Dreamer: Learn techniques to improve the quality and frequency of spiritual and visionary dreams
  • The Wild World of Astral Travel: Students will receive tools to have more lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences
  • The Astral Landscape: Receive a technique to analyze and understand the astral field

Week Eight: Mediumship & Soul Rescue

In the final week of the program, students will explore the powerful ministry of mediumship and soul rescue. In specific, students will learn:

  • Mediumship Activation: How to "turn on" mediumship, even if you were not born with the ability
  • All About The Other Side: Explore the afterlife process and learn to identify whether a spirit is crossed or un-crossed
  • How to Feel the Dead: Deceased loved ones feel different than angels, guides, and other entities. Students will learn how to recognize departed humans, and also how to listen and speak in a language they understand
  • How to Handle a Lingering Spirit (Ghost): Sometimes souls do not "cross over", or "go into the light", and need help identifying what needs to be done. Students will learn how to identify these wandering souls and also help them into the light where they can experience relief and true peace

Weeks Two through Eight: Live Group Coaching

Students will begin giving and receiving intuitive readings starting week two of the program. Students will be encouraged to work on their intuitive abilities within the safe and sacred student study group, and under the personal coaching of Crystal Anne Compton, Tricia Carr, and Stephanie C. Weinman. 

Engaging in dynamic group coaching with your peers is guaranteed to accelerate your connection and growth! 

“This course is a life changer. I would highly recommend it. The instructors are amazing and the content is of the highest quality. The coaches and facilitators are also fantastic at what they do and the support they give. If you want to find a safe place to explore and grow your spiritual gifts, this is the place to do it. This course has helped grow my confidence hugely and develop my process for readings and all of my clairs. Go for it!"

- Jenny K., Intuitive Intensive Student


  • 8 weeks of comprehensive spiritual teaching, delivered via two classes a week 
  • Exercises and techniques that will help to activate, open and strengthen your psychic abilities 
  • Recorded meditations to deeply connect you to Spirit and expand your consciousness 
  • Seven weeks of live group coaching where students will practice reading energy, channeling, giving and receiving intuitive readings, and more  
  • Access to Private Student Study Group and other intuitive seekers 

Registration closes Sunday January 25, 2022 @ 2 pm Central



Program begins the week of January 23, 2022. Classes will be broadcast in the Private Student Study Group and will also be RECORDED, after which they will be made available to all students for ONE FULL YEAR after registration. Classes can also be attended via REPLAY within the Live Student Study Group for as long as the Group is open and active. 

**No Refunds**


Who is the ideal student for this program?

This is a program suitable for all levels. We are excited to welcome students who are passionate RIGHT NOW about connecting more deeply to the world of Spirit and learning how to intuitively read for themselves and others. We invite all seekers, empaths, psychics, healers, inspirers, and anyone else who is ready to shine their light! When you’re ready, Spirit always says, “YES!”

What is the difference between the Intuitive Intensive and other Intensives offered?

The Intuitive Intensive is a broad-spectrum spiritual program that teaches an incredible array of metaphysical subjects ranging from meditation to mediumship. Other Intensives are more specialized according to the topics taught.

When do the live classes take place and how long are they?

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm Central Time, barring any unforeseen scheduling issue. Expect classes to run approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. (Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.)

What is the live class experience like?

Classes are fun! You can join other students in the private group to watch the class live and interact with other students in the chat. After the class broadcasts, the teachers usually host a Q&A session to answer pertinent questions from the students. (Q&A subject to instructor availability.)

Do I have to be available for the live classes?

All live events are available for replay. If you stay on pace with the program by watching the replays within 2 or 3 days, as well as participate in the community and other aspects of the Intuitive Intensive, you will receive the full benefit of the program. In short, you do not have to attend every class live to receive the full benefit of the program.

However, some students choose to take the program passively, meaning they do not intend to graduate and instead, choose to interact with the content according to their schedule. This is perfectly fine! The content is available for a full year after registration. Staying abreast of classes and coaching is only necessary for students who intend to graduate from the program.

When do the coaching sessions take place and how long are they?

Coaching starts the second week of the program and will take place on Sundays at 1 pm Central Time and Wednesdays at 6 pm Central Time, barring any unforeseen scheduling issues. Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom and will run for approximately 2 hours.

Will I receive individual coaching with Tricia and Crystal?

Coaching is done in a group setting and is dependent on students volunteering themselves to be coached. Students may have an opportunity to receive coaching directly from Tricia and Crystal, though this is based on student participation and availability, and cannot be guaranteed.

What will happen after I register? How do I get into the private group or access the content?

After registering you will receive a confirmation email providing a link to join the private student study group. (Please check your spam and junk folders, as sometimes the confirmation email ends up there.) When you request to join the study group you will be asked to confirm your registration and also what email you used to register. Please make sure to provide this, as this is how we will find you in the system. Once you've joined the group, please feel free to post and comment and get to know everyone there.

The aforementioned email will also contain a link to your student portal, where classes will be uploaded and made available each week. You may watch classes live when they broadcast, or after the fact via your student portal. You can only access the content in your student portal by inputting the email and password you used when registering -- so make sure to save those.

Is this program refundable?

There are absolutely no refunds. This is a dynamic and comprehensive 2-month program offered at an affordable price. Please only register if you are ready to commit. Again, serious students only

“This is a MUST DO! It has been absolutely life-changing for me! Crystal & Tricia go above and beyond in this power-packed Intensive! I joined this course to expand my personal spiritual journey and finished with a new like-minded family gained in a truly safe, sacred, loving space. Thank you so very much for this incredible opportunity!"

--Stephanie K.

“I took this course because I wanted to find out more about the universe and our place in it mind, body, soul. You have arrived, this has so much valuable information, I feel like I am in the right space with the right people, I am home. <3 "

- Amy W.

“This program is a GAME CHANGER! If you want to immerse yourself in knowledge, be challenged in ways that allow you to look at yourself and the spirit world in new ways, and come out the other side a whole new person, then take the leap and join! Tricia and Crystal are so knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. This is, without a doubt, the best place to take your spiritual practice to a whole new level!"

- Kayla H-U

Lightshine Spiritual Academy, powered by The Lightshine Lab, is an online school dedicated to spiritual development, personal enrichment, and metaphysical education.

Meet the Lightshine Academy leaders below!

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, an intuitive channel, and founder of The Lightshine Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship, and consciousness exploration. She practiced as an intuitive reader for over two decades before shifting her focus on teaching, coaching, and channeling.

Crystal has a YouTube channel with over 800 spiritual educational videos. She is the co-founder of Lightshine Spiritual Academy with Tricia Carr and has taught thousands of students all over the world. She travels frequently to host gatherings, local workshops, and spiritual events.  

Click here to visit Crystal's website.

Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, animal telepath, voice artist and certified hypnotherapist.

Tricia works internationally providing classes, one-on-one sessions, articles, and coaching programs. Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy, and is an ordained metaphysical minister.  

Tricia is also the creator of the Charmed Life Podcast. The 300+ episodes of Charmed Life are published on YouTube and all podcast outlets. Tricia produces meditations and hypno-journeys in her professional recording studio in Los Angeles.

Click here to visit Tricia's website.

Stephanie has been an avid spiritual seeker and experiencer for well over a decade. As an Intuitive Wellness Coach and Teacher, she skillfully and compassionately uses her knowledge to help students and clients navigate their spiritual path and awaken their intuitive abilities.

In her professional practice, Stephanie connects with the energy field of her clients and downloads important intuitive information to illuminate the path forward, highlight necessary inner work, and give answers to important life questions. Because she works so closely with Gaia and the moon cycles, much of Stephanie’s guidance and healing is powered by sacred seasonal energy and powerful earth and nature rituals.

Click here to visit Stephanie's website.

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