Open your divine channel to higher consciousness, cosmic intelligences, and Source Energy 


Begins the week of May 9, 2022

"Every creative genius has been a channel. Every masterwork has been created through the channeling process. Great works are not created by the personality alone. They arise from a deep inspiration on the universal level, and are then expressed and brought into form through the individual personality."

-- Shakti Gawain

This is an innovative and ground-breaking Intensive designed specifically to connect you to Spirit so you can draw down potent, useful, and TRANSFORMATIVE energy. The education you will receive will equip you to have dynamic and evidential encounters in the world of Spirit. The experiences you will have will put you up close and personal with your own divine channeling team.

This Intensive is best suited for intermediate and advanced students, in particular students who are not afraid of the world of Spirit and who already know how to meditate and/or have a meditation practice. We will meet live and online for education and coaching over the course of eight weeks.

Expect your life to change drastically as new information, energy, revelations, and LOVE pours into you, THROUGH YOU, by way of spiritual channeling.

This Intensive is not to be missed!


  • You are curious about voice or written channeling, whether or not you have experienced it first-hand
  • You are a fearless explorer of the realms of Spirit and would like to become a potent channel of the realms of Light
  • You are excited to learn more about how to partner with Guides of Light, Emissaries, and Cosmic Intelligences
  • You are interested in metaphysical concepts such as frequency states, dimensions, densities, cosmic guides – and how to practically implement this knowledge in your life
  • You are seeking a community of like-hearted healers and believers in love; a space to co-create and to foster your spiritual development


Week One: The Fundamentals of Channeling

Students will learn the foundational principles of channeling to include Dominion, trance states (different brain states and how they apply to channeling), divination, automatic writing, voice channeling, and physical channeling. In addition, students will experience:

  • Setting the Stage: Preparing yourself and your space to channel
  • Channeling Activation: Receive a spiritual activation/attunement to open your ability to channel
  • Understanding the Process: Discover how guides transmit messages; what they feel, sound, and look like, and your role as the receiver and interpreter of these messages
  • Experience and Frequency: Discover what will happen the first time you channel and learn how frequently you should channel for optimal results
  • Dream Channeling: How to tap into your dreams to divine information and energy from Spirit

Week Two: Channeling The Higher Self & Your High Frequency Guide

Students will learn how to connect with their Higher Self to pull down life-changing information about their purpose and path as well as how to attract a high frequency channeling guide. Additional learning will include:

  • Channeling for Yourself: Explore the different ways to connect with your I Am self (also called "oversoul" or "soul complex") to divine information to help you in practical and fantastical ways
  • Discover Your Channeling Guides: Learn about the different kinds of channeling guides and how to call in and work with your primary guide, how to switch channeling guides for different kinds of work, and why it is possible to have the same guides as other channels
  • Meet Your High Frequency Guide: Identify your primary guide for channeling work, including receiving their name
  • Beginning the Work: Discover the types of questions to ask your High Frequency Guide and channeling team to get you started in your channeling practice

Week Three: Channeling Angels and Masters

Students will discover the vast and dynamic Archangelic and Ascended Master pantheons, including the Archangels and the Masters who seek to work specifically with lightworkers who channel. Additional learning will include:

  • Intention Initiation: A sacred, intentional ceremony will be held to induce a hypnotic journey with the Archangels. Encounter their specific frequency and identify which ones seek to work with you via channeling
  • Angel and Master Symbols: Angels and Masters are often represented by specific characteristics and symbols. Discover what these are and learn how to use these symbols to call in and work with these enlightened beings
  • Routers and Talismans: Discover how to source, charge and program different items to become a match for Archangelic and Master energy and to help you more easily channel them
  • Decree and Declaration: Experience a full embodiment of declaring your intention as a clear channel. Learn how to compose a decree to work with specific beings of Light

Week Four: Channeling Devas and Elementals, Extraterrestrials (Dimensions)

Students will discover the nine dimensions and learn about the beings occupying these dimensional frequencies. Additional learning will include:

  • Exploring the Nature Kingdom: Discover the different types of beings that make up the fairy/nature kingdom -- on Earth and other planets -- and learn how to connect and work with them (they are far different than angels and masters!)
  • Enlightened Extraterrestrial Races: Learn about Ra, the Guardians, Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Orions, and many more ET groups, plus how to connect with and channel them
  • Meet Your Council of Light: Explore your personal Council of Light and discover how to bring their guidance into your channeling practice
  • Codes & Transmissions: Learn how to work with light codes, starseed transmissions, glossolalia/soul utterances, and other types of high frequency information and energy

Week Three - Six: Live Online Group Coaching

In the final four weeks of the program, students will take part in a comprehensive coaching program where they will connect to divine energy, draw it down, interpret it and then channel it for themselves and others. They will experience firsthand what it feels like to channel certain beings in real-time and bring through life-changing information. Coaching will take place twice a week via Zoom. Please read the FAQ below for the live coaching schedule.


Who is the ideal student for this program?

Please see the video at the top of this page which addresses this. In short, this is a program suited for serious students only. We are excited to welcome students who are passionate RIGHT NOW about drawing down divine, inspiring energy and using it to improve their lives. We invite all the fearless seekers, empaths, intuitives, healers, inspirers, and lightworkers of the world. When you’re ready, Spirit always says, “YES!”

Am I the right level of development for this program?

This program is suitable for intermediate and advanced students. (Beginners should probably start with the Intuitive Intensive program scheduled for January of 2021.) The Channeling Intensive is for students who understand the basics of spirituality and spiritual connection, and who are not afraid of the world of Spirit, but rather excited by it. Students should also have some kind of meditation practice in place before starting the program.

What is the difference between the Channeling Intensive and the Intuitive Intensive?

The Channeling Intensive specializes in channeling only, whereas the Intuitive Intensive is a broad-spectrum program that covers all things metaphysical and leads to the development of intuitive/psychic reading skills. The Intuitive Intensive is suitable for all levels, including beginner, whereas the Channeling Intensive is best for intermediate and advanced students, or students who have taken other Lab Intensives and workshops.

When do the live classes take place and how long are they?

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm Central Time, barring any unforeseen scheduling issue. Expect classes to run approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. (Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.)

What is the live class experience like?

Classes are fun! You can join other students in the private group to watch the class live and interact with other students in the chat. After the class broadcasts, the teachers usually host a Q&A session to answer pertinent questions from the students. (Q&A subject to instructor availability.)

Do I have to be available for the live classes?

All live events are available for replay. If you stay on pace with the program by watching the replays within 2 or 3 days, as well as participate in the community and in all other aspects of the program, you will receive the full benefit of the program. In short, you do not have to attend every class live to receive the full benefit of the program.

However, some students choose to take the program passively, meaning they do not intend to graduate and instead, choose to interact with the content according to their schedule. This is perfectly fine! The content is available for a full year after registration. Staying abreast of classes and coaching is only necessary for students who intend to graduate from the program.

When do the coaching sessions take place and how long are they?

Primary coaching will begin week 3 of the Intensive. The schedule will be as follows:

Week One - No coaching
Week Two - No coaching
Week Three - Sunday coaching
Week Four - Sunday coaching
Week Five - Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday coaching
Week Six - Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday coaching

Sunday coaching takes place at 11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern

Tuesday & Thursday coaching takes place at 4pm Pacific / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern

Coaching sessions are conducted on Zoom and run approximately 2 hours.

Will I receive individual coaching with Tricia and Crystal?

Coaching is done in a group setting as opposed to a one-on-one setting. Students will have opportunities to sit with many coaches during the program, possibly including Tricia and Crystal, though the latter is not guaranteed.

What will happen after I register? How do I get into the private group or access the content?

After registering you will receive a confirmation email providing a link to join the private student study group. (Please check your spam and junk folders, as sometimes the confirmation email ends up there.) When you request to join the study group you will be asked to confirm your registration and also what email you used to register. Please make sure to provide this, as this is how we will find you in the system. Once you've joined the group, please feel free to post and comment and get to know everyone there.

The aforementioned email will also contain a link to your student portal, where classes will be uploaded and made available each week. You may watch classes live when they broadcast, or after the fact via your student portal. You can only access the content in your student portal by inputting the email and password you used when registering -- so make sure to save those.

Is this program refundable?

There are absolutely no refunds. This is a dynamic and comprehensive program offered at an affordable price. Please only register if you are ready to commit. Again, serious students only. 


  • Comprehensive spiritual teaching on channeling, to include how to do it
  • Exercises and techniques that will activate channeling abilities and connect you to specific divine light beings  
  • Recorded meditations to help you achieve the channeling state and make contact 
  • Live group coaching where students will practice sensing, interpreting, and reading channeled information and energy for themselves and for others
  • Supplemental materials, such as downloads and PDFs, to reinforce techniques and skill-building
  • Access to Private Student Study Group and a large community of spiritual seekers 

Registration closes Sunday, May 8 @ 4pm CDT



The program begins the week of May 9, 2022. Classes will be broadcast in the Private Student Study Group and will also be RECORDED, after which they will be made available to all students for ONE FULL YEAR after registration. Classes can also be attended via REPLAY within the Live Student Study Group for as long as the Group is open and active. 

**No Refunds**

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Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, an intuitive channel, and founder of The Lightshine Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship, and consciousness exploration. She practiced as an intuitive reader for over two decades before shifting her focus on teaching, coaching, and channeling.

Crystal has a YouTube channel with over 800 spiritual educational videos. She is the co-founder of Lightshine Spiritual Academy with Tricia Carr and has taught thousands of students all over the world. She travels frequently to host gatherings, local workshops, and spiritual events.  

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Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, empathic channel, multidimensional medium, animal telepath, voice artist and certified hypnotherapist.

Tricia works internationally providing classes, one-on-one sessions, articles, and coaching programs. Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in spiritual healing, a degree in clinical hypnotherapy, and is an ordained metaphysical minister.  

Tricia is also the creator of the Charmed Life Podcast. The 300+ episodes of Charmed Life are published on YouTube and all podcast outlets. Tricia produces meditations and hypno-journeys in her professional recording studio in Los Angeles.

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